Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taco Neck-Tutorial


1. Geneses (Intro)
2. Bloom (with Smoke and NyQwil)
3. The New Wrong (with iAME)
4. My Own Time Machine (with Josh Martinez)
5. I Heart U.S.A. (with Onry Ozzborn and Ceschi Ramos)
6. Segway Man
7. Full Dental (with Xperience)
8. Sacrifice (with Gold)
9. Taco Neck (Outro)


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Physical copies are available at Vinyl Fluid Records and features an exclusive bonus cut with Xperience.

Thanks to everybody that helped make this happen: Zeb, Zach, Chris, Story, Smoke, Onry, Gold, Josh, XP, Big Verb, iAME, Ceschi, Quincy, Maya, Abadawn, Ben D, Gabe, My mom (track 7), and of course, the immortal Redd Foxx. I am forever indebted to you all (after we recoup lol).


  1. Do you play the upright bass on this? Nice bass throughout.

  2. Upright bass is played by Zach Wallmark (my cousin). He shares electric bass duties with Aaron "Big Verb" Bixby. Both dudes really came through for me on this project.

  3. Just ran across this page after looking for some old school Seattle & Portland hip hop. You got me caught listening to the album and ended up buying it after the 3rd listen. You got a lot of talent and a great sound. I'm looking forward to bumping this album when I get it! Thank man, I appreciate the good music!