Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dark Time Sunshine-Primor (ft. P.O.S., PeeGee 13 (!!!), DJ Zone, & Aesop Rock)


There are so many things I could say about the new Dark Time Sunshine record, but I'll stay mum and let the music speak for itself. Actually I'll just tell you what Aesop Rock said when he leaked this track this morning:

with the ok from the homie onry ozzbourne -

I posted up a cut from the forthcoming Dark Time Sunshine record "VESSEL", out april 20th on
Fake Four. cop that shit.

this jam is called Primor - (feat. P.O.S., PeeGee13, DJ Zone, Aesop Rock)

holler at these dudes!


p.s. I suppose this would be as good a time as any to announce officially that Taco Neck will be releasing an EP in the next couple months. It's called Tutorial and features Onry Ozzborn, Josh Martinez, iAME, Ceschi Ramos, Xperience, Smoke M2D6, NyQwil, and Gold (of Sandpeople). I don't rap on it.

p.p.s. From here on out spell my name however you want. It really makes no difference to me anymore (I actually have it tattoo'd on me differently than I always preferred it spelled). Just don't tell me about the pre-teen Sesame Street crunk rap you found when you googled it this way. Please...


  1. download link isn't working for me

  2. you have to remove the l from before the mediafire link

  3. I googled "PG 13 hip hop" and found some kids in tight pants dancing like retards to keyboard beats. What gives?

    Seriously though, looking forward to your release. I'm gonna hit you up this weekend to see where you're at with shit. Lovin' what you're putting up lately.

  4. Dope jam, looking forward to Taco Neck EP