Monday, January 11, 2010

Dark Time Sunshine-Doom / Go Team / Wrong Kids (Video)...and BELIEVEYOUME

If you haven't heard of Dark Time Sunshine yet get ready to be blown away.

DTS consists of: Cape Cowen (the ever prolific MC Onry Ozzborn) and Zavala (Chicago's best find since Barack Obama...*coughs*) . I literally wanted to quit making beats when I first heard Zavala.

This video is a three song medley of sorts. Doom, Go Team, and Wrong Kids all have their own story and setting. Christian Hansen goes all art-house on this one and knocks it out of the park.

...And, this album actually came out a while ago as a free release by Fake Four Inc. but I was waiting for the video to be released to do more of an all encompassing sort of blog entry thing. One stop shopping here at Taco Neck Chronicles. I recommend downloading both the album and the instrumentals.




Word on the street is that Dark Time Sunshine’s new album will be titled Vessel and will come out April 20th on Fake Four. Get ready...

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