Sunday, October 25, 2009

Candidt, Blak & Pegee13- What's On Your Mind?


I went up and kicked it in Seattle this past Friday night. Onry was doing a video shoot for Dark Time Sunshine (just wait...) and I wanted to participate. I hadn't been up there for years. had been way too long. I forgot about that town. At least I forgot how much fun it can be...and how awesome their Hip-Hop scene is (no offense Portland).

I decided to post this song because it always represented Seattle to me. Meaning, this was the closest I would probably ever get to being "in" the Seattle Hip-Hop scene.

I gave Candidt this beat one weekend when he was down here in Portland and within hours of making the trip back up North he sent me his verse. I don't think that's ever happened to me. Candidt is that dude that makes things happen, and quickly.

He also enlisted NW legend Blak (of Silent Lambs Project) to add a verse. It's an honor to have collaborated with him, although I've never met him. I love his verse on this song.

1. What's On Your Mind? (prod. Pegee13)
2. What's On Your Mind (Instrumental)


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