Sunday, August 2, 2009

NyQwil- Desiree (Taco Neck Remix) Digi 12"

The ever elusive NyQwil has a way of being everyone's favorite Oldominion member. This is not without warrant. No one raps like NyQwil. In fact, no one communicates like NyQwil.

If you're unfamiliar with NyQwil's verses I think you should familiarize yourself with them in a hurry...particularly: 4 Horsemen from Zero, Nothing Left from Make Happy, and Dogs of War from One.

This is technically a remix but you've most likely never heard the original. It never came out.

p.s. This beat is Taco Neck at it's most Morris Day and the Time...

1. NyQwil- Desiree (Taco Neck Remix)
2. NyQwil- Desiree (Taco Neck Remx Instrumental)
3. NyQwil- Desiree (Acapella 94.0293 bpm)

...and if anyone can name the song and movie that a sample in this track is from I'll buy them a white russian.

Some people were experiencing problems with the acapella, so HERE  it is by itself, reposted.


  1. Nice track! Oh yeah and NyQwil does rip it on "4 Horsemen"!

  2. NyQwil is currently favorite MC. How come he hasn't released any full length album?