Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Black Keys/Pegee 13- I Got Mine ('09)

Every now and then I hear a song that just gives me the "yuckface".   

And sometimes that song has long enough breaks that I can loop.  And if I'm lucky, really lucky, the song itself would have a great hook that I can interpret to my liking.

That song would be "I Got Mine" by the Black Keys.  

I was checking out their album a while back because I liked what I had previously heard from them, and it was produced by Danger Mouse (of whom I am a big fan of). 

So I'm listening to it and it's great.  Then there it is.  "Yuckface!!!"

1. The Black Keys/Pegee 13- I Got Mine ('09)

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  1. I dig it, i bought attack & release on vinyl and also got the cd which was
    nice. Magic Potion and Rubber Factory are also good.