Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oldominion-My Dominion (2001 Unreleased)

Back in my day I had to walk a mile and a half, uphill, in pouring rain, just to get to the studio. 

No really.  And weighed down by an 18 pack of PBR this was no simple task.

See, this was when the Oldominion house was in Bothell (a shitty suburb of Seattle), and I was living on Capitol Hill (downtown area).  I had to catch the bus out that way if I wanted to make music and drink beer with these guys on my weekends off from school.  After transferring no fewer than 3 times, the bus would drop me off at the bottom of this huge hill.  And of course, they lived on top.  Way over the top in fact.

This was back in 2001, soon after the release of One, and naturally, we wanted to get a head start on "Two" (or whatever).   This song was from that first session we had.

Eight years later, it's still burning a hole in a CD-R, waiting to be heard by someone...anyone who would appreciate it.

Produced by yours truly and the MCs are as follows: Pegee 13, Smoke, Anax, Destro and Pale Soul.

Knock yourselves out.

1. Oldominion-My Dominion (2001 Unreleased)  

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